Trusted Towing and Roadside Assistance Team in Randolph

We have all been there. You’re driving along a scenic country route when suddenly your car starts spurting and grinds to a halt. Sure you are concerned about identifying what caused this problem but, in truth, what’s really troubling you at this time is how to get your passengers and yourself to safety as soon as possible. The worst thing about breakdowns of this nature is the fact that they generally tend to happen at the worst time imaginable. From years of working in the towing and roadside assistance business it is astonishing how many people require our help in the dead of night or first thing in the morning. We have no formula to explain why this is the case but one answer we do have is how to get you, your passengers and vehicle back to safety in no time at all.

With a garage located in the heart of Randolph and depots dotted around the city, Mendham Auto Body is the only number to call in your time of need. With a fleet of flat-bed, heavy duty and light duty trucks we can assist any make or size of vehicle quickly and effectively. What’s more, by investing in the most advanced GPS technology we can guarantee that one of our certified and fully licensed drivers will be on the scene in less than thirty minute. A breakdown on the side of the road is as stressful an experience that any Randolph driver will experience but by investing in the team you can trust you will always be in safe hands.

Quality Roadside Repairs

At Mendham Auto Body we employ a two-pronged approach to our vehicle rescue service. The first, and possibly more well-known, is our award winning towing service. However, we also provide a top quality roadside assistance repair operation that often gets your car back on the road itself without the need for a tow.

From our experience in the towing and roadside business in Randolph we would estimate that over half of all breakdowns can be resolved without the need of a tow. What this means is that one of our highly skilled mechanics will be able to resolve the issue there and then rather than having to tow your vehicle to our downtown garage. Obviously this isn’t always possible but when it is we will take that option so as to make life easier for you.

Common Causes for Roadside Breakdowns

There are a multitude of reasons to explain why a vehicle might breakdown. However, three of the most common are:

  • An Overheating Engine: This problem is common especially during the summer but given time can be resolved by our roadside technicians
  • A Flat Tire: All of our roadside technicians can change tires to a professional level so if you suffer a flat then call us right away.
  • A Dead Battery: Our trucks are equipped with a range of different types of jump cables that can assist any dead battery.