Mendham’s Trusted Auto Glass and Headlight Restoration Service

Cracked windshield, broken headlights or chipped wing mirror. There are many ways that broken auto glass can negatively impact your everyday driving experience. Dealing with any of these issues on your own is difficult and time-consuming, with some Mendham drivers opting to put off investing in auto glass repair. This is a big mistake.

By failing to repair your windshield, headlights or wing mirrors correctly you are not only putting your own life at risk but you are also endangering fellow passengers and other road users. Cracked, chipped or damaged auto glass can impair your vision and also compromise the safety and integrity of your vehicle. What’s more, by failing to adequately correct auto glass damage you run the risk of having your insurance policy voided should an accident occur. This is a very serious risk.

Don’t take chances with something as important as auto glass, call the auto repair specialists you can trust today. Mendham Auto Body has been the number one repair and restoration garage in Mendham for many years. We have built a reputation on being as thorough and diligent as possible when it comes to auto glass repair and restoration, and our competitive prices make us a perfect choice for Mendham motorists of all types. Call today for our offers and flexible payment options.

Why Fully Functioning Headlights Are so Important

Anyone who has experienced a Mendham winter knows how cold, dark and downright miserable it can get as the days shorten and night comes in. In these cold and difficult driving conditions the benefits of having a fully functioning set of headlights becomes even more important. At Mendham Auto Body we are not in the business of ranking one piece of a vehicle’s equipment over another. That being said, driving without a proper set of headlights is a recipe for disaster.

In recent years we have spoken to a lot of Mendham drivers regarding the new options available to them. We offer a wide range of laser, LED and Xenon lights. However, the fact of the matter is that despite the advances in headlight technology simple maintenance and restoration remains the most effective way of ensuring that you stay safe on the roads. Defective headlights and blown bulbs are safety hazards that are so easily fixed. It will literally only take our team of skilled technicians a matter or minutes to repair or restore a set of headlights.

What is the most Common Cause of Auto Glass Damage?

From the records we have compiled at Mendham Auto Body, the most common cause of auto glass damage is stones or gravel. While rocky rural roads may appear safe, they can be extremely dangerous to the integrity of the auto glass in your vehicle. It only takes one small stone to crack our windshield so when driving in these types of road conditions, exercise extreme caution.